Monday, February 4, 2008


I went skiing with Damian and James this morning. They are known bike riders, but they are skiing. They have to, they want to be in shape and there is no outdoor cycling right now. Oh I still ride to work. Kind of a test and kind of fun. But it is too slippery and too dangerous to go out on a real ride. Skiing is the thing. When I talk about skiing I mean nordic skiing. That was the reason I came to Bend for the first time and why I moved to Bend. Nordic skiing. Lately we haven't had to to ski .We have had some pretty warm and dry winters. Last year at this time Damian and I went for a 100 mile bike ride. This year if you want to stay in shape skiing is the thing. I am lucky, I am good at it, (I have been nordic skiing since 1970 and specificaly skating since the early 80s), I teach it (I have been coaching since 1994), but more than that I love it. I like the motion, the rhythm the feeling when you are doing it right.
Damian and James are picking it up. They made a choice this year to ski more and it shows. Since I went with them a month or so ago they are getting a feeling of the rythym and motion. That is what makes it fun, not the hard work. Snow shoveling is hard work, not much rhythm though. Here are two photos of my front yard. See what I mean, not much cycling this year. Go out and ski. That will make the winter much shorter.

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