Thursday, January 27, 2011


Just a few short weeks ago it looked like there would be no mountain biking at horse ridge, Cline Butte, or really anywhere in Central Oregon. Well that changed fast. A few vey warm days with some wind thawed out Horse Ridge, the sweepers have been out so many of the roads are clear of cinders, today it was almost 60.
Though the skiing is quite good still the snow is very thin at Meissner and Mt Bachelor is closer to 70" than the magical 100. This doesn't mean winter is over, and I remember this happening frequently, the main difference is we went from cold, snow to warm dry in a couple of days. It was so quick. I love the winter, the snow and the cold. I also love to ride my bike. I am enjoying both sports right now. Skiing a couple of times a week, riding a couple of times. I went on my third road ride of the year today. I stopped and took a photo of the North Sister, just west of Tumalo State Park. This is a special place for me. The first time I rode "Shevy/Tummy" I remember this view. The mountains seemed so close, like you could touch them. So white, so perfect. They still are.
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Monday, January 10, 2011


I always take a brake from cycling after cross season is over. For me it is a forced brake as I don't have the burnout syndrome. I always want to ride. That doesn't mean I want to go out in the rain and snow and freeze, but if the sun is out and roads or trails are ridable my heart sings out to me "lets go ride". The last month wasn't hard not to ride, we had snow, cold and blustery weather and then I got a cold. So today with some weather coming in this week the sun and the dry roads beckoned. Out I went. Yes my fingers were cold and the wind on my face burned, but after a while the sun warmed me up.
It was one of those perfect winter days, no wind (big chainring most of the time) and the white of the Three Sisters was startling. If our weather was like this all winter it would be easy to get into cycling shape. That won't be the case. More storms are moving in as I write this and skiing will be the preferred way to to enjoy the central oregon out of doors. We will have more days like yesterday but the first one is special.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am writing this blog on a new device, my new iPad. I don't really like talking about new high tech stuff but this one needs a short explanation. I bought a kindle before I went to France last fall. On the way home it was stolen from me (ok I left it on the plane). If you want to more you will have to ask.
I was going to get a new kindle, but I did a little research and I found out the best selection for Spanish Language literature is from Barnes and Noble. I pretty much only read in Spanish and it is hard to find a huge selection in Oregon. Powell's is pretty good but I read a lot, maybe forty books a year. Amazon was weak, lots of trash. With the IPad I can get books from a almost anyone.
I am still learning how this thing works, but as I figure it out it will get easier.
This is my period of rest. No hard workouts, no long rides in the cold, and it seems no blogs. I think the no blog thing comes both with rest and with the season. Even though we pride our selves at Sunnysidesports in being a 12 month store Christmas is still a busy time. Through in cross nationals, birthday parties, team parties there isn't much time. I also started to coach this month. That is two more days out of my time. So I don't have anything profound to say. I will leave it at I hope you all have a prosperous new year full of love, good health and wonderful adventures. Turning 60 has helped me realize that time is the most valuable thing we have, please don't waste yours, as there are many others who would love to have some extra time.