Sunday, July 6, 2008


 Last week we went over to the Ochocos for one of my favorite rides. You may have read about it. Today Jim, Karen and I did a local ride. We started at Shevlin Park and went up the Mrazek Trail. Jim and I wanted to do an epic, Karen was more sane and turned around   after almost two hours. When Jim and I got to the Farewell Bend trail we headed down. Still awesome even after doing it a couple of days ago. This time though I had to stop. In this photo you can see Jim, and behind him is a spectacular display of flowers (just as good as the Ochocos), only without the drive. They are Indian Paint Brush and penstemon. With Broken Top in the background it just doesn't get any better. All this without a drive. 
Jim is back at Sunnyside Sports this summer. We have been very busy, busier than usual. This is a good thing. We had a couple of sicknesses though and we got behind. We asked Jim to come in and it has really been great for all of us at the store. When he worked before he was behind the computer, this time we have him doing a little of everything. Building bikes, helping customers, fixing bikes and whatever. Thanks Jim for fitting in and and making our life a little easier. If you are a customer and come in you can see Jim knows a bit about cycling. Ask him about the trails or what is his favorite bike. See you on the trails.

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