Monday, July 13, 2009


I got to be the hero today instead of the embarrassed victim. My friends Barb and Lew (with their friend Ali) went to Lookout Mountain to see the wild flowers and go for a hike. After locking the car they were talking about Adam, Barb and Lew's son and how he got all his ID stolen out of his car when he left it at a trail head. Ali decided that it would be a good idea to take her wallet with her so when Lew got the key out of his pocket he realized, with an expletive, that it was the pickup truck key and not the Outback key. Not good when you are 2 hours from home. But the cell phone worked and why not call Don (me) he loves Lookout Mountain. Well I had just finished my Monday chores so why not. I actually base my mountain bike season on how many times I get to ride Lookout Mountain, one is minimum, two is good, three is excellent. This year I have ridden it twice now.
So I got to be the knight in Lycra. It was a good change. We also got a free dinner (thanks to meals on wheels Barb) out of it. What a great day.

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