Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This last week has been pretty hard for me. After last weeks race (read my last blog), I realized I had something more that a sore leg. I went to see my friend Dr Steve Ireland and he confirmed it. After an MRI, and some more consultation it was discovered I have an extruded disc on my Lumbar #4. The fact that it is extruded and not protruded is somewhat good news as they seem to heal after time. My right leg has been about half to three quarters strength, and when I stand or walk I have sharp pains in my right leg. Riding doesn't hurt but I can't depend on the right leg either.
My cross season could be over for the year. The deal is I am not really worried about that as getting my leg and back sound again. The shot has helped, even after one day the pain has changed from sharp to dull. I am going to get some acupuncture, and physical therapy.
I have had so much support my friends that I realize what a great place I work and live once again.
The ironic thing is I had already registered for Cross Nationals when I found all this out. It turned out it was important to be the highest category racer as that is how they will line us up at the start line. I have always been a category 3 road and cross racer because most of my race time has been a master and in cross I have always raced in my age group. I applied for an upgrade to Cat 1 and received it. So, injured or not and pushing 60 I am now an official Cat 1. Pretty cool I would say.
As I said I can still ride my bike so off to some indoor intervals. They don't hurt and my back doesn't move.


Fox PDX said...

Bummer, but you are so strong, things will work out for you. Keep positive!

andytrailfettler said...

Sorry to hear about your injury Don. Glad you've had it diagnosed accurately though and can focus on recovering.

Dig in!

david baker said...

Too bad Don, I guess it's a good time of year to discover an injury like this. You can spend the holidays laying around getting pampered! Watching the snow pile up. Hoping for a good recovery...

david baker said...
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david baker said...
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