Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is snowing outside, Floyd Landis has admitted he used drugs all along (and implicating almost everyone else in the world of cycling), Cadel Evans and some Lampre rider are fighting with 1K to go in the GIRO, and yesterday's GIRO was so mind boggling it is still hard to understand what happened, if you don't know a breakaway with some pretty strong riders gained almost 13 minutes over the Maglia Rosa (Race Leader). That is only part of what is happening in my world.
So onto things that are more calming and peaceful. Andy Wardman, one of my very best friends, who lives in Scotland, sent me the most amazing video. This is of him riding his IBIS cross bike around some trails in the village where he lives. I have been on some of these trails hiking and riding. When you watch this video take note he did this all by himself. There was no camera man, or assistant. He also didn't put some loud rock and roll music to disturb the natural noise of the wheels and of the people in the background. I loved this video and it made me really homesick for my other place The Borders, Scotland.
I just read a book called the The Big Burn . It is about the largest forest fire in US history which took place 100 years ago in Montana and Idaho. It is also about the formation of the US Forest Service (where I worked for 1o years fighting fire), Teddy Roosevelt, and Gifford Pinchot. It made me understand a lot of things about the Forest Service I didn't know when I worked there. Hope all is well out there with all of you and please take a look at that video. I am going to Scotland in the Fall of 2011 with a small group if you are interested let me know email me at

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