Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week in Scotland

After watching Mountain Bike World Championships and spending a week in the Highlands of Scotland we have settled into the Borders with our many Scottish friends. The highlights have been the Castle of Tantallon, on the Eastern Coast of the Borders with a great view of Bass Rock. We were also able to stay in a Caravan (we would call it a trailer) on the Coast for a couple of days. This was the perfect British holiday.
Yesterday we went to Dunbar, the birthplace of John Muir. He moved to Wisconsin when he was 12 but never forgot his natal home. I think what is most interesting is that if would come back to life and visited all the places he loved and lived Dunbar and the surrounding area would be most like when he was alive. His house has been converted to a museum (just a few years ago). Until recently John Muir was almost unkown in his native country. Amercans would come over and ask to see or visit his birthplace and the locals would have no idea who he was. That is changing as there is Park a long distance walk and a Museum with his name on it.
I be home in a couple of days but I will keep Scotland in my heart ready for the next visit.

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