Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am back home from Scotland. What a great time we had. I managed to get many good rides in. The most epic was up to the top of the Cairn Gorm. There was some walking and hiking, lots of riding and great views. It was so misty that we had to get out the compass to find out witch set of Cairns to follow.
The photo above is from that ride. You can see a lot of rocks that were hard to ride over.
Now that I am home I am trying to get ready for cross. Last night I did a cross clinic with Bart Bowen. We worked on mounts and dismounts and some high intensity cross practice. There were around 20 people attending. Above is photo of Robin Laughlin working on barracades.
Last week at Hood River the Sunnyside Team did very well. Karen Kenlan won her race, Mike was leading when he flatted but still managed a top ten finish. I won't list everyone but you check results at the OBRA web site. I will try to post this twice a week and keep up your interest.

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