Thursday, November 8, 2007


What do bankers do on their days off, hang out at a money mint, count cash at home, loan money to their children. I think of myself as a bike mechanic (in England that is a Bicycle Repairman). I do more than that of course, I am not sure what, but being part of Sunnyside for the last 28 years I and we have had to learn a lot more than how to fix bikes.
But on our days off we still ride. Mike and I went and rode up the N. Fork and down flag line on Tuesday. We left at noon. The whole time it felt like the sun was going down. The temperatures ranged from under freezing to 70F. The trail was dusty to two feet of snow. The climb was firm the downhill was awesome. Maybe the last time I will get up that high this year. It was the best.
That morning we had an Atomic Ski clinic. Most of our clinics are done by the local reps. They do a great job, they know their product and we learn quite a bit. With Atomic though we get Justin Wadsworth. He was one of the best US skiers in the 90's.Now he is the US World Cup Coach. He is married to Beckie Scott, the best Canadian and North American skier ever. He knows Nordic skiing. We get him to give us our clinic. The bonus was we got his 7 week old baby Teo also.

Today the whole staff got up bright and early for a morning bike ride. This was in lieu of our monthly meeting. Like I said Is this good or what.

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