Saturday, November 3, 2007

The next Boulder ?

People say Bend is the next Boulder. I have never lived in Boulder though I used to visit there in the early 80s. What Bend is a great place to live if you like the outdoors. I first came to Central Oregon in 1969 to work for the Forest Service. After a couple of summers we moved permanently in 1974. We wanted a place to nordic ski and Bend seemed like the best place. Even back then we had Olympic and Olympic hopefuls living in Bend. People like Jay Bowerman, Mike Devecka all those Meisner siblings etc. Soon after that we had the Dan Simoneaus, the Rich Gross's, all living in Bend. We are used to high level athletes living in Bend. It is a great place to live if you like the outdoors.
This fall we have a newcomer to Bend (well almost he lived here before he became a pro bike racer). Aaron Olson is his name. He is from Eugene and the last few years has been racing in Europe with Saunier Duval and T-Mobile. He was third this year in the Tour of Ireland and finished the Giro d Italia. He is also a super nice guy. The other day he came in the store and asked how my racing was going and then gave me a signed T-Mobile jersey. If that isn't good what is. The jersey is also cool. When you are a real pro the Jerseys have your name on them, the bag has your name on it. Even the size tag has Olson on it. OK I am a nerd, I love cycling, I love the stories. Bend is not the new Boulder it is a grown up Bend (maybe too grown up).
The next time I will talk about some more local pros.

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32 degrees said...

Just sitting here reading the book "Bowerman and the Men of Oregon" about the coaching legend from U. of Oregon and they mentioned Jay, his son, was a nordic skier. Couldnt resist googling it and found your blog. As a nordic skier and runner its cool to find all these links !!