Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last week we decided it was time for the Umpqua River Trail. I like this trail more than the McKenzie River Trail because it has less slow rocky technical bits and more climbing with high speed descents. Jake and I assured Muffy she would enjoy it more because it wasn't really very hard other than the climbs etc.
It was a wet day but not unpleasant with a rain coat and proper hats and gloves. About an hour into the ride, after my favorite climb and descent there is a creek crossing, which I have ridden many a time. This time, though, my glasses were fogged so I decided to dismount and walk. I really didn't want to fall into the little creeklet and get more wet than I was. Well the dismount didn't go well. My foot slipped on slippery rock and I tumbled into the creek anyway. As I was laying there, my left leg throbbing, I knew something bad had happened. I managed to crawl out of the creek and make my way back to the trail just as Muffy and Jake were arriving. I looked at my leg and there was a huge gash just below the knee. This was bad and I was starting to feel shivery and light headed. Jake went and recovered my bike and I told Muffy I had a first kit in my pack. I laid down with my legs on Jake so I could get some blood back to my brain and fight of the effects of "shock". Muffy was busy applying a very tight bandage and making sure the wound was protected from the elements and had pressure so it would not bleed.
Friends, there when I needed them. I finally started to feel better and made some joke about swimming. They knew then I was OK and that is why there is a big smile on Jake's face in the photo. Relief. At first we were not sure if I would be able to get myself out of there, but the alternative of sitting for hours and then being carried out wasn't too appealing. The truth was the leg felt fine and I rode out. I suggested that the other two could go finish the ride and meet me at the car, but being good friends they stayed with me.
We stopped at Urgent care on the way home and Dr Ponte, another friend, was there to clean the wound and sew me up. It was reassuring to have a familiar face taking care of me. Then it was off to the Rays pharmacy to get my antibiotics. Again a friend, Rob, was there to fill my prescription.
My leg is better, though not 100%, and I am back on my bike and the thought of all these friends is still fresh in my mind.

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Li'l Ned said...

What I appreciate about (your) friends is that they bring you home AFTER the trip to Emergency Care, so I don't have to play nursey! Thanks, Jake and Muffy!