Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last week Kathy had her annual end of year piano recital for all of her students. I love going to these for a number of reasons. One is this is my sweetheart's work and I like to participate in what she does so well. I love hearing the students play as they put their heart and sole into the music. It is also wonderful to see the proud parents realize that beautiful music is coming from their children and not just loud noise. I have had more than one parent comment to me how they really enjoy seeing their children transform into musicians.
This year there was something else that struck me. At Sunnyside Sports we try very hard to be a family store, a friendly store and a competent store. It is important in the world of retail to be up in all of the latest ways to be in contact with the customers. We have a web page, I write this blog, we have facebook, four square, twitter, google etc. We know we have to greet each customer promptly, engage them so to speak.
I enjoy all of those challenges and I think we do pretty well at them. I do wish for simpler times though. A time when a customer walked in the door and didn't need such sophisticated help, when they knew we were going to give them the best help possible without us having to prove ourselves every time. I time when all this sophisticated electronic online marketing wasn't as important as a friendly face, even if it took over a minute for that face to appear.
Kathy's work is about music on a real instrument, no electronic keyboard, a real piano, with a hammer hitting some strings. An instrument that has been around for a few centuries. No sophistication here, the students come to our house, our living room. If Kathy isn't in the living room to greet them they sit down and start to practice. She can hug her students, laugh with them. The parents come in and can watch the lesson, the sisters and brothers also. This is an industry that has been around a long time and it really hasn't changed that much. No commuting to work, work is here. Simple, and pure is what I call it.
This is not about complaining about Sunnyside because I love my work and the people I work with, I like keeping up with the 21st century, I have a smart phone and all of that and of course I am sitting writing this blog. It is just a simple appreciation for a simpler time.

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