Monday, October 1, 2007


It just seems like a few days ago it was August and I was headed to Scotland. Now the month of September has passed and we are into October.
I was out on my new Trek Cross bike yesterday in the rain and remembered once again October is the best mountain bike month in Bend. The trails were sweet. It was a little cold but it was worth it. I did get a pinch flat. It is easy to get going as fast as the mountain bike and then hit that one rock.
Cross season has started and the team is doing well.
Robin Laughlin was third in the master women. She said she loved the mud. Mike Schindler was fifth in the master 35 + men. Excellent result. The cross crusade starts next week, I hope to start my season then.
I was in the store today and noticed a stars and stripes painted bike. It was Adam Craig's Super D Giant. Great paint job. It is fun to work in a bike store. No photos this time.

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