Monday, October 29, 2007


My Mom calls it nutty cycling. When you are 56 years old and your mom still thinks you are a kid life is pretty good. I wasn't going to go to Astoria for this years Halloween race. I don't really party (beer and I do not get along). So for me the real party is the race . I am not much of a costume guy either, but I love everyone else's costumes. Last year I realized the girls (women) did the slinky lingerie much better than the guys. We had a few this year who really let it hang out. Eye candy for the guys. Why not? My favorite was the cloths line. Bridgette and Dani actually rode with a cloths line between them. It was fun.
Some of you know I have been training with Justin Wadsworth the last few years. He has been a great help. My training this time of year consists of weight training (once or twice a week) intervals (at least twice a week) and racing(once a week). I try to train for a specific event this year state championships) so the weekly routine is pretty intense with no real rest for the normal cross crusade races. I like to do well but I like to look at the big picture. This last week I did what we call a block of intervals. It started on Friday with a 4,5,6,7,6,5,4 set of intervals, rest on Sat, race hard on Sunday, two sets of 4X4 intervals on Monday (one in the morning and one in the afternoon, rest on Tues, one set of 6x5 intervals on Wed with weights in the afternoon. Then 6x4 intervals in the morning and 4x5 in the afternoon. Rest on Fri and Sat. So I should be tired right. No I felt fantastic on Sun and other than a bobble in the first minute I rode my strongest race in years. It is a wonder what a good coach and a healthy body will do. I was ready for an off day. Sorry for all the interval details.
I had a great time cheering all my friends and teamates at the race yesterday. I was exausted by the end of the women's race and I still had one race to go. Instead of running around I just camped out in one spot and screamed the whole time. It helps to have the custom Sunnyside Sports cow bells(provided by Pedros and Damian).
The other thing that happened this week is I did not drive. Damian took me over the day before in the Pedros flower van. We shared a motel, I slept in, (that could have helped my race). If it wasn't for Damian I would not have gone. Thank you so much.
I would be remiss if I did not mention Brett Jarolimek. I did not really know Brett. I met him for the first time at Alpenrose, he parked near us. We talked a bit. He,like me,loved cyclo cross and cycling. I usually cheer for his competitor in the single speed race but I cheered for him also. I was touched by the things Brad and Rick said the begining of the silent lap. The reason I cross race is it is fun but it is the one time I get to see all the cycling friends I have made in Oregon in the last 30 years. No other venue brings us all together. It is a 8 week long celebration of what we all love. It is hard to loose one of those family members. Till next week.

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