Monday, January 14, 2008


Weight training. I thought I would never do this. I first did it in 7th grade. If you are in your 50s and grew up in a metro area you may remember how fast the schools filled up (even faster than Bend). The Jr High (Middle School) I went to had no cafeteria, no gym and lots of temporary classrooms. These were like mobile homes that stayed at the schools forever. Our weight training was done in a custodial closet. I was the weakest (I was also the smallest and youngest). I started school a year early. I thought back then it was because my mom thought I was smart, but I am not so sure it wasn't to get me out of the house a year sooner.
Anyway I hated it. I don't think I could lift the bar. I became a first a runner and then a cyclist. These sports didn't use weights. I was happy. Even in the 80's weights were not used universally for distance athletes. I was still happy. Then it happened. Sometime in the 90's one kept reading articles on how important weight training was. I ignored them all. Then I went to my friend Justin Wadsworth for some help on interval training. I had heard that Beckie (his Wife) was doing unheard of amounts of intervals and I wanted to know all about it. He said, look Don you have done me many favors so I will return one and be your coach. I thought cool. I was ready to start my intervals. He said don't worry you will do lots of intervals but lets start doing weights. Oh no I said and started to give my excuses. He wouldn't listen. So there I was in the Rebound Sports Lab showing off to everyone how weak I was. At least I could lift the bar (45 pounds). Then the bar with some weight, then 100 pounds. I asked Justin -How much will I be lifting? He said if you can squat 200 pounds you will doing fine. I could barely do 100.
I am consistent and disciplined, if not strong. So I started. Two times a week every week. Half hour of core then 4 sets of 4 max squats and some arm stuff. The photo is me warming up with 135 pounds. That now feels light. I can do my 4 sets of 4 with 225 pounds. What a difference.
The deal with endurance athletes is your body becomes only as strong as it needs to do the work. The more you ride the weaker you become. Not good. I feel different, (Kathy says I look different, I ride and ski different. This is not news to most of you it is just a confession of a dedicated non weightlifter who now actually likes it. It is fun and it is indoors.
I am now not the weakest and not lifting in a custodial closet helps.
Thanks for listening.
PS I went for a road ride east of town and the roads are very clear.

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