Friday, January 11, 2008


Skiing in town, what a good thing that is. No drive, no use of gas, seeing lots of friends. On Wednesday I went out skied with Jennifer for an hour, watched the MBSEF kids do intervals, asked Ben a coaching question and basically had fun. The snow was good ( I would have rated it a 6.5). I wish it would snow a little more in town so we could do this every year. This would really make Bend a world class ski town. Oh well that would be a lot of snow shoveling and not so many winter bike rides. I guess the best thing is to make do with what we have.
Yesterday, (photo on the right) I went out with some of the Sunnyside crew. Some had skated before and some had not. They all did great. In the old days at Sunnyside we all skied and rode bikes. Now it is different. It is not so easy to find people who have experience nordic skiing and cycling. It was fun to take out the crew and show them what all the fuss is about. We sell fun at Sunnyside and I would like everyone in the store to share that fun. If you don't ski when you live in Bend the winters can be very long.
Thanks for listening.


twowheeldork said...

You sell fun. That's the best way I've ever heard it said.

twowheeldork said...

Oh yeah, you're a good teacher too!