Thursday, January 3, 2008


Today I had the honor of coaching for Ben Husaby. I normally coach on Sundays with the Advanced Skate group for the MBSEF. Today Ben was at US Nationals so I substituted for him. There were 9 women, all of them ready to learn as much about skiing as I could show them. It is a big responsibility. I want everyone of them to be better skiers after we are done. I also want to do a good job for Ben. Most are my customers and I want them to know that I know a lot about skiing and that I care. They all care for sure. I have been coaching for about 15 years now and about 60% of the participants have been women. It has been a joy to coach so many women.* Some have been athletes from other fields, one told me she will never learn how to skate (she did), most have had a great time and most still are skating. When I started doing this I had no idea who would take the classes nor how well I would do. It has been a success on both ends.
The Jeanette that the poster is honoring (along with us in our tu tus) is Jeanette Sullivan. She is very sick now with Cancer. Last year she was in this class, this year she is fighting for her life. It is tougher than skating. I wish her hope and survival and most of all love and living. I have lost quite a few friends to Cancer now and each one hurts. I also have lots of friends who are survivors. Getting older is lot more than you getting old, it is also watching your friends get old and sometimes die. Coaching is a piece of cake compared to that.

*I have also the coached a lot of men (the other 40%). They are also a lot of fun, though quite different to coach. That is another blog.

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