Monday, February 9, 2009

Friends make it more fun

We went classic sking today. It was awesome. Extra blue wax, though I did have to reapply some secret Canadian wax that Muffy had with her. I have to admit on the way down to Leslie's Lunge I checked my speed (snowplow in other words). On classic skis that rubs off the kick wax.
We try to get together once a week. Ski or ride. We never go hard. We like to talk, laugh at each other and commiserate. I like to catch up with Zoe and Tosch and Muffy is a good way to do that. We met almost 20 years ago. It was on a bike ride ( not surprising really). I am glad we have stayed good friends. Lots of things have happened since we have met, we have lost a few friends and we have made some more. 
Though I like to do things alone I realize it is more fun with a friend.

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