Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know many of you have been in Sunnyside Sports and probably know we all like working there. That doesn't mean every minute of everyday is perfect. We work hard and we get busy. That means  stress. 
However we live what we do. When I come in on my day off I am always asked "How was your ride or ski?" Every morning when we all gather together we all catch up with what the others did the day before. This isn't just true of us, it includes our customers (who are also our friends). It is what makes Sunnyside real. We know what the snow is like because we have been there or have asked someone how it was. If you want to know what Horse Ridge is like we will know. The other day I went out to Horse Ridge for a short ride and when I was finished Eric was there with Patrick (he used to work at Sunnyside) and newcomer to town Rob. A few minutes later Jim showed up. We work together we play together.
This year we are going to host the Spring Fling. This is the COTA's annual trail work day and Party. Seth thinks it is pretty cool we are doing this and was commenting on how Sunnyside has a huge history with mountain biking, but we don't have the reputation as a Mountain bike shop. It is true we like to sell all types of bikes to all types of people. We have tried not to be anything but a bike store.
 I will list a few Sunnyside mountain bike moments. Gary and friends "riding" to the top of Mt Bachelor in 1976 on coaster brake clunkers. Sunnyside sponsored rider and friend Tom Pickett racing in the first US National Mountain bike championships in 1983. Me, John Howcroft, Tom Pickett and Julie Willis racing for Bridgestone from 1987 through 1991. Me winning two World Championship medals in 1988 [Downhill and overall(a combination of uphill, downhill and cross country)]. Sponsor of Pickett's Charge mountain bike race since 1994.
Sunnyside has a huge history with mountain bikes and we will continue to be involved. This year we are going to have monthly trail work day, and we are adapting the Storm King trail. 
This year our team was the highest placed team in Central Oregon with most of those points coming from Mountain Bike races. 
So that is what we talk about. We love what we sell and it shows. See you on the trail.

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