Friday, February 6, 2009


Riding with friends is a great thing. I am going to Mallorca, Spain at the end of this month to do just that. Today, though I am still home and I found some really good friends to ride with.  Kathy and Barb. If you read my blog and come into Sunnyside you will recognize both of them. I have been married to Kathy for 38 years, and I have been working with Barb for 17 years. Both are my friends also, people I like to ride with. They are just as fun to ride with as the pros I go out with. There is one difference, I get to wait for them instead of the pros waiting for me. On a road ride it is pretty easy to ride with a friend, you go their speed and find a route that is a good distance. Mountain biking is not the same. I have been riding Mountain bikes for a long time, I have some skills. I find it hard to determine what is hard  and what is easy. After many years I now get it. Rocks are hard for non hard core riders, soft sand is hard, exposure is hard. 
You can see by the faces of Barb and Kathy that they are having fun. They like the desert, the wind, the smells. It was a day that a road ride would have been hard and a mountain bike fun. If you take  a friend out take their photo. If they look like Barb and Kathy then you took them on a great ride. 
PS After riding with them I went out and did my own short technical ride. Worked out great.

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