Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yes it has been wet the last few days. If you read my last blog you will know I was caught in it. I  wasn't complaining about it though like a lot of Central Oregonians do, I was just telling about an adventure. I actually like the rain, the thunder and the lightning. The flowers like it even more. When I am out on my mountain bike it is amazing how many flowers are out there blooming. It is also amazing that I can never remember the names of them. Kathy has been teaching me the names of flowers for over 30 years and I still don't really get it. 
The ironic thing is I do know the name of the "flower" in the photo, it called Indian Paintbrush. She taught me that one first on one of our first dates. That was all the room my brain had for flower names I guess. Indian Paintbrush, however red and beautiful, is not a flower, the red you see are just the leaves turning red. The leaves are called bracts which are modified leaves. It is not that this is unusual, I am told there are other "flowers" like this, just don't ask me what they are. 
So if you ride with me and want to know the name of the flowers I can phone home and ask Kathy, unless it is an Indian Paintbrush, I have got those dialed.
 Today I am going out and I am going to try to get more photos of flowers. I will share them with you but you will have to identify them. 
No more complaining about the rain now, go out early and enjoy what the rain brings.

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Li'l Ned said...

At least I taught you something!