Friday, June 19, 2009


Sunday is the 6th annual Test of Endurance. It is a 50 mile mountain bike in Coast Range just west of Corvallis. I have not done this race before so it will be mostly new. It is ironic that in my last few years as I have gotten tired of riding road bike centuries and have gravitated to cyclo cross racing (these races last around 45 minutes) that I am doing a race that will take me around 5 hours. I didn't really train for this event other than ride less this week. I am not sure what to expect either. It may rain and be muddy or it might be a beautiful Willamette Valley early summer day. I have done long races in the past so I am not too worried about pacing or finishing, I guess my main goal is to have fun though. I will treat this as a long hard mountain bike ride. I think there are over 200 registered so I will have plenty of company. Lets just hope for some awesome single track and good weather.

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