Friday, June 12, 2009


I went out yesterday for an unplanned ride up to the Mountains. It was around 60f in town, but I knew it might rain where I was going so I put goretex gloves, warm hat,arm and leg warmers, vest and rain cape in the pockets. I figured I would be fine. Well as headed west it seemed where I was going was clear (Jeffrey calls this a sucker hole). After about one hour of riding everything changed in a matter of minutes- it started to rain, thunder and lightning, and then the hail. Under thick but not tall tree in a canyon I went. I put on all my clothing and figured I would be OK. I figured wrong. It rained so hard the trail became a river ( 10 inches deep in places) and the temp dropped into the low 40's. I figured it was time to go. I went for about 15 minutes and thought if I can get hold of Kathy I could just drop down to the Skyliner Snow Park and she could save me (this would save my about an hour of riding downhill). The problem was cell phone service. I knew there was one place that usually had service. I got there and took out my phone (this was not easy with now frozen hands and all those layers on). I had one bar indicating marginal service. I phoned home-busy. I tried her cell phone, she was there. I barely could get out the words meet me at Skyliners. She said OK. So down I went on the roughest road in Central Oregon. My tire felt flat after hitting a few large rocks in the road. I couldn't really see as my glasses were fogged and wet. I just kept pedaling. I found the shortcut through the houses and on to Skyliner's road. Kathy was not quite there as it had only taken me 15 minutes to get there. I was shivering uncontrollably by this time. There came the distinctive headlights of our Audi though. I managed to get the bike on the roof, I grabbed the wool blanket in the back of the car and jumped in the now warm car. I could still barely talk and say thank you to my ever present rescuer. Back to home with the fire blazing and a hot cup of warm beverage. It took almost an hour to feel normal again. This morning my fingers are still kind of numb. The great outdoors can be a real adventure sometimes. 
PS Drookit is Scottish for soaking wet.


Fox PDX said...

Yep, I have gotten out the last couple days and both rides, I narrowly escaped getting caught in storms, it would start right when I pulled in the driveway or shortly after. Kinda a gamble the last few days.

Li'l Ned said...

Yep, we gardeners face the same dangers... rain drenching us, hail flattening the plants, hypothermic hoeing..........