Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Don and bunny hopping

Went out today with Serena on the National's course. I put the photo I promised last time-me smiling. So far so good.
I hope it snows. There is not enough technical stuff the way it is. I like more of a challenge. There are a couple of side hills that would be tough in the snow. That being said it is still a fun course with lots of curbs. I am sure they will do something to mitigate the curbs (I wished they wouldn't), but even if they do it will be faster to bunny hop. I have bunny hopped 16 inches, I can do 12 inches most of the time and I can bunny hop a curb at full speed all day long. Not many 60 year olds can, not many women can. It is fairly easy to learn, but like anything it takes practice. I practice every year and if there is an obstacle in the course I will practice that day to get my timing down.
If you are coming to Bend get your Bunny Hop in order. Take care.

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John said...

Don, glad you are smiling an thanks for the tip on Bunny Hoping. See you at Nats.

John Wilson