Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sunday December 6th, 67 days after my ruptured disc. Here I am racing my bike again. The morning after and I feel great. Tired legs and sore throat (from shouting all day long). Back feels great and no shooting leg pain.
I am probably not healed 100% and I still plan to be careful but I did have a lot of fun yesterday. Everything from starting conservatively, passing most of my fellow racers ( I started last and finished 5th), passing many of the 100 racers in the younger group in front of me (I just wish they would practice in the mud once in a while) and feeling like I can still ride a bike. That was outdoor ride # 6 since September. It was a chance but one I wanted to take.
After my race I got to watch the rest of my team race and of course the pros. I was in the pit standing next to Chris Horner (he was pitting for his girlfriend) and I got a couple of photos of the pros racing. Ryan Trebon gave it everything he had but ended up third. Veronica is the picture of concentration at the start of the women's A race. I feel very proud to be in the pit for two women ( Serena and Veronica) in the A race and one man (Matt). Those men and women are so fast to even start with them is amazing.
Kathy asked me this morning if I am even more excited about Nationals now. I am not more excited just more confident I can do well. I am not sure how well as one race does not make me ready. I will rest the next few days and start with my head high.
Thanks for reading and thanks to all for all the support I have had.
One more comment. I have never wanted this injury or my blogs about it to me a melodrama. Being injured and recovering is a small thing in our world. It has been fun to do this and share though. I had more fun racing yesterday and was more proud of my 5th place then of many wins I have had. I wouldn't change this fall for another because of all the things I have learned about myself and about the support I have gotten.


Serena said...

The Smile on your face yesterday afternoon told the Whole story!

Fox PDX said...

It was great to have you out there racing. Thanks for all your help.