Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Kathy and I went to see Avatar the other day. I thought it was super cool.
I have this memory of Kathy and I sitting in front of a Safeway grocery store with a petition for people to sign warning them of the greenhouse affect and us trying to get them to ban aerosols so this wouldn't happen. Most looked like us like we were from outer space.
We fought for a lot of things back then, like saving our Redwood Forests, not driving so much, etc. We were radical conservationists. Now the biggest movie of all time is about that same subject. Our off the wall concerns of the 60s is now the subject ot the biggest movie ever. I am not sure that is a good thing. What it means is that we were right but we were not effective in stopping global warming. It is nice not to be thought of a radical conservationist but as someone who has real and proven concerns about our future.
However that is not what this blog is about. It is about the "Avatar Blues". People who have seen this movie go home depressed because they think the planet Pandora is so beautiful and reality is not. I heard the craziest quote, some teenager wished we had 3D all the time. Is that child on a computer all the time?
Like I said I loved this movie, I liked the theme and yes I though Pandora was awesome... but I love the desert, and I think where I live is even more awesome then Pandora. I think our world is more awesome. I think our world is worth saving also. The photos are random, they are places I have been the last year. People who have Avatar Blues need to go outside, go for a walk, though I would recommend a mountain bike ride down some fast trail to wake up their senses and to see and feel what our 3D world looks and feels like.
Take care.


Jan Hutchison said...

Jan and I went to see Avatar this afternoon. What a spectacular and engrossing production. I'm curious about whether the rythmic swaying of all those blue bodies during the attempted re-vitalization of a "fatally" wounded person reminded you of the swaying of the Crakers ?

Li'l Ned said...

What? Crakers? Peter, what in heck are Crakers? We've found 'crake' in the big dictionary (some kind of wading shore bird) but that can't be right. Apparently they sway rhythmically. Are they blue too? :)
Kathy/Li'l Ned

Jan Hutchison said...

You'll find the answer in Oryx and Crake!