Friday, January 1, 2010


My Mom asked me and Kathy last night if we had any New Year's resolutions. I realized that I don't make New Year's resolutions. I like to think that I am very present in my life and everyday I am doing the thing I want to do at the moment. This doesn't mean I don't look to the future and have goals, it does mean I am not looking for a day to change some habit and become a better person. I try to do that everyday. I have a goal, for example to weigh 155 pounds. This would allow me to race faster, be healthier and weigh less than Jacob. I have not been very successful in this goal for different reasons. One is a food group I am fond of called cookies. I seem to hover around 160. I think I would have made it this year, but then I hurt my back and I was not able to do any long rides this fall. I know I could have eaten less but it just didn't happen.
Still that is not a New Year's resolution because it is a goal I have everyday.
I hope I do not need resolutions that would make me a better person as I work hard at being the best I can be everyday.
I do have wishes for the New Year. Good health for me and everyone I know, more time spent with my sweetheart, continued success at Sunnyside Sports, and hopefully a trip to see my friends in Scotland. I guess I could add World Peace etc... but that is something I consider everyday.
I am looking forward to 2010 (the first time I have written the year) as I get ready to enter my 7th decade. I hope to spend more time with the friends I have and hopefully meet new friends.
Happy New Year ! everyone and I would like to think your resolutions or wishes come true.

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