Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is now official I am a Canadian Citizen. I wrote about this last Spring and today I found out is now official. I am pretty well chuffed about this. I am not sure exactly why. My mom grew up in Canada and met my Dad when she worked in Waterton Park and he worked in Glacier park after WW II. They got married and lived in Montana just south of the Canadian Border. I have many early memories of of crossing the border to see all of my Canadian Relatives. I started school in Canada. I remember saying zed and finding out it was the same as Zee.
I went to Calgary for the 88 Olympics and thinking this was part of me, but not thinking it would be anything more than a thought.
Last year Canada decided to do something about all the Canadians that were made to renounce their Citizenship when they became United States Citizens. I fit into that because Mom was a Canadian when I was born. I am not sure what I will do being a Canadian. I might race in the Canadian National Cyclo Cross championships, I may travel to Cuba, I doubt I would move up to the great white north but it could happen.
It is ironic that when we had Bush as president I was ready to move to a country that was closer to my politics and Canada was a choice. Now that I am Canadian it is their government that I don't agree with. I guess it shows one that staying home and trying to affect change is better than running away.
It feels good to have what I have felt for a long time official.

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