Thursday, March 18, 2010


Happy, that is the best adjective for this bike trip, it is even what my hat says. Lots of kilometers, lots of cafe time, lots of visiting, very relaxing. Yesterday we went out to a town called Randa. It sits below a cima (mountain top ), that has a monastery on it. From the top you can see almost the whole island. All of the small brown villages that seem to pop upon every 5 to 10 kilometers, with green fields in between. The government of Mallorca has put a lot of effort into constructing and connecting bike routes. These routes are still open to cars but mainly they are used by cyclists. They can do that here because cars really do share the roads.
You may notice most of my photos are at cafes. We always like to stop somewhere along the route for coffee and sometimes lunch, that is when the camera comes out. I got the happy cap from a friend in Scotland, it really says it all. The group I am with, Barb, Lew, Barbara, Dave, Ben and Serena are all enjoying this as much as me,maybe more. A couple of days ago we met up with a couple of Brit friends (Mark and Neal) and yesterday Mark's girlfriend Carolyn showed up with a coworker, Jenny. I just heard from my friend Kevin that after reading my blog about Sa Calobra that he his coming over for a few days. Like I said HAPPY.

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