Friday, March 12, 2010


I know this place, I know the smells, the views, the roads, the food, the sounds. It is hard to explain how I know the sounds,the language, the laughs, bicycle wheels going round, I just know this place.
It is comfortable for me to come here, it takes some time to get used to talking, reading the signs etc, but it happens, and then I realize I know this place.
However it is different this year, more stores and restaurants are closed, two of the hotels I have stayed in are not open yet. It is cold this year,snow on the beach two days ago. Not as many cyclists this year, none that I know as of yet. My bike was left in Newark (it should be here this evening ), so I had a day to hang out. I watched Eurosports and saw Andy Newell win a bronze medal in a World Cup sprint classic race, live. I watched a mixed biathalon world cup relay, I watched the Paris -Nice live, great suicide break a way at the end and the rider won by a few feet over the following pack. Walked to town and bought a couple of Spanish language books by two of my favorite authors. Neither of those books are available in the US yet.
I didn't ride but had a full day. Like I said I know this place and it is good to be back.
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