Friday, April 11, 2008


If you have been reading my blog you know I got a new computer a week or so ago. I have been trying to get all my music, photos,  addresses etc loaded on from the old to the new. I also figured out how to have a slide show on the new computer. So this brings me down memory lane. I know a lot of photographers are worried about all the electronic images we have. What will happen if there is a big crash etc... I also have wondered about all these images and what to do with them. Now, though, I see them everyday. It is kind of fun. The first photo is Cape Fomentor on Mallorca. It is the traditional first ride when we go to Mallorca. There are some awesome short climbs, twisty roads, a long tricky tunnel and  a great view at the end. I missed it this year for the first time in while. It is nice to see the photo and remember. This is where I will be taking 10 lucky people next March. Look now, and in a year, if you sign up, you will be there. The second photo is when I went to see the Tour in 2005. This was an unexpected trip that I will never forget. This photo was on the last day and it was raining. We rode around Paris, many roads were closed to cars. I watched the last stage about 1/2 kilo from the finish. I needed and had a special pass to be there. No crowds, great view. The whole trip was special. It was given to me by my friend Kent Mills. He was supposed to go with his longtime friend Ric. He was doing some yard work and ruptured a disc about a week before the trip. He couldn't get a refund so in his generous way gave it to me. I get to see those photos and remember the trip and Kent. He passed away almost two years ago. I miss him, but now I get to remember this very special gift.
The last photo is my friend Andy. He is a shy lad from Yorkshire. He grew up in the mining country of Northern England. He went to Uni in Edinburgh. That is why I know him,  I have lots of friends who live in Scotland and he is one. We have been to Mallorca together, watched the Mountain Bike World Championships together and in this photo from 2005, we were riding the McKenzie River Trail together. He came over with 5 other friends that year. We had the best time. He is coming back this summer with his girl friend Ros. I am anticipating another marvelous visit. I will get more photos and I will be able to remember more. I like these electronic images. I can see them everyday, share them with you, and add more whenever I feel like it. I now just have to hope we don't have that crash.

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