Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I feel like a modern man. I have never owned an Apple Computer. I have been in the control of Microsoft forever. Yesterday my little lap top's keyboard decided it was done. Hard to have a blog without a keyboard. So I decided why not an Apple. So here I am. It is not like the World has changed. But it is cool and hip. Like a lot of my friends. Sure I have lots of friends my age. Barb and Lew Becker, John Howcroft, I guess Gary and Jeffrey are really my age. There are more but I seem to have a lot of younger friends. Some even have tattoos. That is hip. I think I would like a tattoo. Some have piercings  in places I would be embarrassed about. Maybe one of my ears would be cool. Jim has a pierced ear. Kind of like a pirate. 
I am too shy for all that, so I have an Apple computer instead. Now I am hip, to go along with all my younger hip friends. Maybe my blogs will now be more hip. 
I have a camera on my Apple and I was going to take my photo but I can't figure it out. I will have to ask one of my hip friends.

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David Luoma said...

Hey Don,
Now that you have the Apple you know what comes next. Now you need the I-Phone, and an I-pod (if you don't already have one).
I think you would look good with a nice ear lobe expander thing, like Dean Lucas has. A few well placed piercings and a few nice tribal tattoo's and you are well on your way to being the true "Moden Man".
Just kidding...I just wanted to let you know I thought your blog was cool. Old School Cool, like me, no tats, no I phone, no I pod, just lots of bikes and friends. I might like a tat or two someday and a big wild boars tusk jammed through a hole in my nose.
See ya at the races.
David Luoma A.K.A. El Diablo