Monday, April 14, 2008


I am 57 but I don't really feel it. Yesterday I did a 71 mile ride averaging almost 30 kph. Yes I am odd enough to use metric on my bike computer. We didn't go hard, just steady. I got home and ate some healthy recovery food and took a nap, I am a world class nap taker. Today, first thing, I had a massage. Mark DeJohn, who's business name is Active Therapeutics   is my massage therapist. I get one every two weeks. Not really enough, I would like two a week. But there is that money thing. I have been getting massages for almost 20 years now. They are like having a week of recovery put into 2 hours. 
I am not one of those racers who shows up and tells everyone else on the starting line how little training they have done. I don't show up on the starting line unless I am ready. When I get beat it is because the other riders are better than me. There  are lots of riders better than me. I train hard because I like doing well and giving those other guys a run for their money. So if I am there I am ready. It is not about training hard, it is about resting and resting and then some more resting. It is about eating well and then resting some more. 
My long rides are steady but not races, my intervals are hard but not long, my weights are heavy but not too many. I get stronger everyday. I don't really peak, I just try to get stronger by training smart. Justin Wadsworth is my coach. I do what he says. It works. 
I take lots of vitamins, especially, my not so secret weapon, Vitamin C. The last time I was sick was three years ago. I know part of it is luck, but I work at not being sick. I go to bed early and sleep  as much as I can. Sounds boring, but its not. I love riding, racing hard and being healthy. I am never bored. Thanks for listening and go and get a massage.

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