Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The title is a joke about the English and Americans. It is also true. In Europe 100 miles is long distance. Just ask an average woman in Sevilla how far it is to the next town. They may have taken a bus but probably have never driven there. Bend just celebrated its 100th birthday. My friends in Scotland would think a house that old is fairly new. 
The photo of Kent is typical of Spain. There seems to be a 700 to 1000 year old castle on top of every hill. You can also see by the landscape that it is dry in southern Spain. I picked great place to go in November. The last day it was in the high 80's. 
Our trip turned out magical. I fell in love with Spain and Kent had the trip of his live. 
After this trip I have continued to visit Spain. I have been there 12 times. I love the people, the landscape, the history, and the riding. It is low key compared to other countries in Europe with lots of history to see. Kent went back once after this trip. He liked adventure and the unexpected. I like things the same. I like to return and see the same people, the same restaurants even the same roads. Kent wanted to see new things. 
Kent gave me Spain. If it were not for him I would not have fallen in love with Spain. I tried to take him back one year but he had decided it was time to stay home. Not long after that he found a bump on his throat that eventually lead to his premature death. 
I have a friend who gave me mountain biking (Tom Pickett), and a friend who gave me Spain. Both have passed on but their memories live. I also have many friends who still live that I owe things to. I appreciate all of them. Thanks for the gifts to all of you and especially thanks to Kent for so many great memories.

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Nancy W said...

Today is Memorial Day, Don. Took this long to get up the gumption to read your second blog about Kent. When we first met you, I thought your being friends with Kent would either draw sparks or create an amazingly good fit. I'm so glad --- for each of you --- that it was the latter. I'm grateful you have these memories and that you're sharing them. Thanks.