Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've met Lance, but I don't know him, I've met Levi and Eddy but I don't know them. Greg Lemond has been in the store and I have a photo with him. That is quite a few. But Christian Vande Velde well I can't say we are  on a first name basis, but I did have dinner with him, met him on a ride out of Girona, Spain and his wife was our tour guide for a week. He was in Bend the year Lance won the Cascade Cycling Classic (1998). He told me Bend was on his long list of places to live. 
I will say this, he is a super nice guy. Loved chatting with us. Did not mind having his photo taken with me. Looks like he knows how to smile more than me. 
I think it is really cool that he is the leader of the Giro de Italia (as of 5/10/08). Velonews called it a lifetime achievement award. He certainly deserves it. His teammates called him the strongest. His team included three national tt champions (Ryder Hesjedal, David Millar and David Zabriskie. Very impressive. 
I am stoked to have met Christian, I will now be watching the Giro with a new light. You might want to watch it also. We will be showing at Sunnyside in the mornings on Italian RAI international tv. It is in Italian, but you will love the way they say Paolo Bettini. Call us for times as it is not consistent. 

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