Monday, May 19, 2008

My Mom and Pies

Here we are in the middle of Mountain bike race season and it 
is finally warm. But somethings are more important. Last weekend was Mothers day, no it was not warm. It snowed here in Bend for a brief moment in fact. Yes I did a mountain bike race (Chainbreaker). In the morning, though I got up extra early and made a cherry pie. I like making pies (see an earlier blog). I like to eat them also. But when I do I seem to gain a pound or two.  Mothers day is special. My mom lives next door to me. I don't always spend enough time with her. Work is busy, PPP time you know. I like to Mountain bike race so I do that. We did have a nice mothers day dinner and she really liked my pie. (just a note I make the pie Kathy makes them look like art).  This week we have no PPP and no races. I will go over and set her sprinklers (a few days late) and visit some. I may even make another pie.

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