Monday, January 19, 2009


I bought a new camera today. It has a 10X zoom with a 40X digital zoom. It is pretty clear as you can see in those photos above. The one on the left is the 10X zoom the other is the 40X. Oh and that is Mt Jefferson from Horse Ridge. You can see the freezing fog below the mountain. Freezing fog is pretty but it is miserable to do anything in. Yesterday I was above the fog skiing in near 50 degree weather, when I got home it was 22. 
The other photos are of friends and new friends. The one with the car is Matt and Ruth. They are fairly new to Bend and just learning all the cool things we have (Horse Ridge in the winter for example). Both are school teachers and so far love it here. Matt is on our bike race team and we did lots of cross races together.  We left at different times and when I saw them again they were enjoying the trails. It was the best out there today. The other photo is of Aaron and Gavin. We just met today, but their first words were "Are you the guy who writes the blog"? I said I was and took out my new camera and now they are in my blog. They had read my blog about how cool it was out there on New Years day. I write this blog and it pleases me that it is read. 

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Fox PDX said...

Great to see you out there Don! Thanks for the tips.