Thursday, January 1, 2009


It is January 1 today and I had to decide what to do bike or ski. I picked bike. I don't really like to ski in the rain, and I knew it would be busy with a lot of  skiers. Jim and I went off to Horse Ridge. We weren't sure about how much snow there would be. It was pretty cool. We started at mile post 12 and rode the dirt road on the west side of Horse Ridge for about 20 minutes, and then turned east and went to the top of Horse Ridge. We then hiked up to the main trail system and slipped and slided through the snow back to the normal trail head. Then a huge headwind back to the car using the old highway. Two hours of great riding. Was it windy though. We heard a tree crack at one point and then when we got home we found out a tree had fallen about two blocks from Sunnyside. We were mainly protected from the wind though. I haven't talked to anyone who skied but I think we made  a good choice. It was 54 F when we got to the car. I forgot my camera so no photo, sorry. 
It feels good to ride again though. I have what Kathy and I call Bike Disease. I love to ride my bike. All the time. Every day. I like to ski also, don't get me wrong. I love the motion in skiing. It is like dancing to me. My goal when I ski and when I teach skiing is getting the movement correct. Make it like a dance, make it flow. I like that about skiing. Bike riding (mountain biking especially) is just plain fun. Going over rocks, sliding around corners, whatever. Being careful but still having fun. I will be mainly skiing for the next two months. I got to get that motion right.

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david baker said...

Dancing...that's cool Don.
I always have the most fun on my bike when I feel like I am dancing on it.