Monday, January 12, 2009


Last week I went for a great ski in the morning, and then thought wow Horse Ridge might be in good condition so out I went. It was in optimal condition. For those of you who do not know Horse Ridge it is sandy in the summer, can be snowy and icy in the winter. It can also be prime. It has been the last week or so. Anyway I am out there with about 40 others and on the West Side of the mountains I-5 is closed because of flooding. What is it worth living in Bend? I don't really know but I do not want to live anywhere else. These trails were built by enthusiasts (like you and me). The Horse Ridge trails don't take a ton of maintenance, they do not get 12 month use. November to March is about all they see. For it usually December, January and February. If you ride all the options of single track there is about a 2 and 1/2 hour ride. Some of that is out and back. It is rocky. Not impossible (I can clear just about everything , maybe not everytime). If you go in the morning it smells wonderful. Sage Brush warming up. The smile on my face is real. I was having fun seeing all my bike friends. I live in Bend because of the desert, and as a bonus I get the mountains. We have a week of great weather coming up so I will be out there, on my road bike and I will throw some skiing in there also. 
Take care and enjoy.

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