Monday, December 28, 2009


First a disclaimer. I am one of only two, possibly three people who have had season nordic passes at Mt Bachelor every year since the Nordic Area opened all those years ago. I don't even remember what year that was maybe 1976 or so. I have always supported the mountain and have coached up there since 1993 through The MBSEF.
I have also dreamed of skiing closer to town on trails that were not on a mountain but through more rolling terrain. Meissner was the area I dreamed of. Tumalo Langlauf Club helped realize that dream a few years ago when they raised some money and bought a real groomer. Sunnyside Sports from the beginning has supported the grooming at Meissner. We pledged $10,000 the first year they started the grooming. With the purchase of the new groomer we will give more. This year TLC bought another groomer that is bigger and more reliable. They also cut some new trails. I can't even remember the names of all of the new trails but today I skied them for the first time. I was skating today as that is my favorite technique and the conditions were perfect for skating. I only skied new trails and was out for almost 2 hours. It was like being on a ski holiday in Canada or Europe. These trails rock. They are fun (kind of like our mountain bike trails), not too hard but still with some stiff climbs. Mt Bachelor was packed today, and yes the small parking lot at Meissner was pretty full but it was relaxing, only 15 minutes from town and again great skiing.
If you haven't tried the new trails and experience what the new groomer has done stop by the next time you go to skiing. Remember to have a State Snow Park Permit (you can buy one at Sunnyside Sports), and as the sign in the photo says leave a donation. Grooming ski trails is an expensive operation. Take care and enjoy the snow.

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