Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have been working for the MBSEF coaching masters sking for 15 years now. I still remember Tim Gibbons asking me to help Greg Stone. The first year was a bit dicey as we had too many signed up and not enough coaches who were around all the time.
When I ski up at the mountain, and I see all the skiers skiing around around 50% have been in my class one time or another. Most look pretty good on skis. It makes me proud. If you are up skiing and you see lots of skiers using the V-2 technique everywhere they have been in the MBSEF program.
This year Greg Strome was the other part time coach along with Ben, Sara and Brenna. Most people I talked to had a great time and learned a lot. I like to think that skiing is fun, that technique is fun and only when you go hard is skiing hard.
In the photos above Sean and Cindy are working on the V-2 alternate. Both looked great. We had a great day on the mountain last Sunday. A perfect 10 in my book. Cold snow and warm air.
It is not always that way. Earlier this year when I was watching the technique of some skiers all I could really see through the blizzard was that they were making forward progress. I guess that is something.
My ski season winds down this time of year. I am allergic to my car and though I love to ski I find it hard to drive for an hour when I can just get on my bike. But I will be up a few more times, hoping for the sun and perfect snow. Look out for those V-2ers and you will see my mark.
Don Leet

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