Thursday, March 27, 2008


These are photos I took yesterday on a ride out to Horse Ridge, about 20 miles east of Bend. What is remarkable is that when I stopped (not to take the photo but to get some food) there was no snow. The trail was brown dirt and the sage brush grey green. Then the wind came up and in a matter of 30 seconds this is how it looked. White. How cool is that.
I love riding east of town. I love the mountains on a clear day, the smell of the sage brush on a warmer day, on Sunday Veronica and I saw a solo pronghorn in Golden Basin. I don't know much about Pronghorns. I know they are not antelope, and I know I used to see lots of them in the Milican Valley before all the OHV trails. They also cannot jump fences. They look cool. It was awesome to see one with V because she is a wildlife biologist. It is what she does. Yesterday I got stuck in an herd of Elk. I was headed back to the car, a bit of a tail wind going almost 20 MPH and all of a sudden these elk came from my left, ran with me and then passed in front of me. It was loud and impressive.
If you haven't been out to Horse Ridge do so before the roads and trails get too soft. The single track on Horse Ridge is rocky and technical but the roads surrounding Horse Ridge are flat and easy. I like to incorporate both, get in a longer ride and have fun on the single track.
See you on the trails.

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