Friday, March 21, 2008


I know some of you who read my blog, but I am surprised when someone I don't know tells me they read my blog. It is nice though. I feel honored that you out there enjoy what I write. I write about things that are close to my heart. I write about the positive things in life that pertain to cycling and skiing. Cycling has given me almost everything I have. When I went to University I had to write an essay, it was about a bike tour I did when I was 14. That was 43 years ago. I still love cycling. It is easy for me to see the good in it. The health, the competition, the exhilaration of riding a mountain bike, the skill it takes to ride on technical stuff.
Some of my best friends live in Scotland. We go on holidays there, we go to Spain with them, they come over here. That is because of cycling. Have you ever traveled to Europe, arrived in a strange airport had to find your way to a hotel you have never been to, all the time driving on the left hand side of the road. Well when I go to Scotland my friends pick me up, take me to their house and then cook dinner. Cycling had given me that. We do the same for them when they come over here.
Let me know who you are and what you like about my blog. You can leave a comment. I will share with you what you have all written, please be positive. There is too much bad in the world to include it my blog.
Kathy didn't come from cycling, she came from somewhere more special.
As Kurt Vonnegut's uncle said , if this isn't good what is.
Thanks for reading


Jake said...

I read your blog, mostly because nearly two decades ago (cripes, I feel old, but I was only like 12 at the time), I bought my first road bike at Sunnyside. It was Jeffery's (sp?) Guerciotti. I'd saved up for quite a while to spend the $500 or whatever that bike cost. I rode the hell out of it, but took care of it.

I took up long distance running in highschool and all but moth-balled that bike. I still broke it out during the summer and for the occassional duathlon, but I had no money and taking care of a bike was more expensive than running shoes.

Nearly 20 years later, I still have that bike and my original bladed-spoke glue-on racing wheels I used with it. I break it out now and again, still rides great, though it could use a tune up. Wish my body wasn't so beat up and broken so I could ride it some more (and wish my commute wasn't so long and dangerous so I could ride it there).

kalli said...

I read your blog because I like to keep in touch with the goings-on in Bend since I reluctantly left a few years ago. You taught me to skate ski and I have never taken for granted the honor and privilege it was to be taught by such an accomplished tutor.

Thank you for reminding me what I'm missing in Bend and for writing about cycling and skiing passion and perspective that matches my own.

I just graduated from Naturopathic medical school and started my practice in Eugene this winter. Looking forward to running into you in the early cross season--or maybe a road race!

Jonye West said...


I would read your blog if you used more sarcasm and flippancy. I'm not sure if the world can handle a Don Leet with only positive things to say.


p.s. just kidding.

star detective said...

I like the thoughtfulness of your words and how your voice emerges here on your blog. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like the authentic voice that comes through in your blog and the way you write about your wife of what, 35 years? I was just surfing around to learn more about Bend and its inhabitants. We live in Seattle now but are thinking of a move. I'm sure that makes you cringe. :) I especially your positive outlook - may you live a long life and keep that good energy on the planet.