Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mallorca in March

This is me in Mallorca, Spain. It is March and the fruit trees are in bloom. No snow, an lots of roads. Except this is not this year. I am home. I like being home, even in March. But I miss Mallorca, and all my friends that I meet there. Kevin, Andy Ali, Pete, Steven, Bob Steve, Colin etc. I miss the cafe con leche, I miss the lunches in the Plaza's. Lots of plazas. The switch back climbs. Sa Calobra. An epic climb carved out of the rock. Group dinners. Yes I miss all that. Next year will be different. I will be back. Hopefully my friends also.
It smells different ever there. Everything. The cars, the dirt, the blossoms and the food. I can smell it right now.
Next year I am going to take a group of Sunnyside Sports friends over. I want to show them that even when the dollar is down you can go to Europe and have fun without spending a lot of money. I want to show them that being in one place for two weeks can be just as rewarding as seeing lots of towns. I want to show them a more Euro type of Spring trip. More like a camp. If you are interested please contact me at . We will be going in March, I am hoping for about 10 with a cost of around $2000 for the two weeks. Maybe even lower.
Olive oil, paella, tumbet, windy roads (windy too sometimes), Lots of cyclists, I can't wait.
Don Leet

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