Saturday, May 9, 2009


You may of noticed that I like ride my bike, both road and mountain. In Bend, I prefer to mountain bike because the trails around here are so awesome. I like to ride by myself but riding with friends is special, in fact on Monday I am headed off to Scotland for a mountain bike holiday with Andy, who is not even close to 30 yet.
Yesterday I was out riding with two of my good friends in Bend, John and Veronica. You might notice there is a slight age difference, John is 61 and Veronica is 30 (today is her 30th birthday in fact). I don't party with Veronica (maybe once), but we do ride together. I actually don't party with John either, though he has been my best mountain bike friend for almost as long as Veronica has been alive. The truth is I don't party at all. The point of all this is, make sure what ever activity you do it includes all ages and sexes It is important to hang out with older and younger people. It is also a good thing that you include friends of both sexes in your life. If your only friend of the opposite sex is your partner you are really missing out. It gives you a good perspective on life. It also makes you feel younger if you are getting close to that 60 mark. 
Maybe I am just blessed to have such good friends, I don't know. I do know it is great to have such a variety of friends. 

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