Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A couple of days ago I won the 55+ Oregon State Championship Cross Country mountain bike race. The winner of the Pro men was Carl Decker, long time friend and fellow Bendite. In the youngest age group, my new teammate (age 13) William Wodrich, was 3rd. So what has that to do with numbers. Well here goes. While we were waiting around for results I introduced William to Carl. I mentioned that William is the same age as Carl was when he (Carl) and I started to race mountain bikes. Carl mentioned to me that he is the same age (34) as I was when we both started to race mountain bikes. I hope you can make some sense of that. The other note of interest is the last time I won a State Mountain bike championship was in 1988. It was in Corvallis and Carl, his dad Mike, Gary and I all drove over together. We have doing this along time, and having fun every minute of the way.

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