Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In Great Britain Sheds are a big deal, they are our version of the 4 car garage. The difference is over here we have a  country with very strict land use laws. The population is pretty steady in Europe and new subdivisions just don't exist. Instead you see buildings converted into flats, and semi-detached houses. There is not the luxury of a garage, much less a double or triple garage. What we do see are sheds, lots of types of sheds. There are books about sheds, pre built sheds, old sheds, new sheds etc. All of my friend over here are avid cyclists and they all have bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes. They add up and you see them stored in ingenious ways. Hanging from the kitchen ceiling, high in the hallway, in the second bedroom, or just plain in the way. The best way is to have them in the shed. Andy just moved to his flat last July and one of the first things he did was build a shed. His is the newer looking one next to his wood pile. All his bikes hang in there, there is a place to work on the bikes (we overhauled all his forks and shocks), it has an alarm and a sturdy locking system. 
Living in the States we are spoiled. They do so much here with less space. The bonus is there is almost no urban sprawl. The hills all are all wild around every town and village. The one sub-division around here (which everyone points to when I tell them they have strict land use laws) is very small and contained. We rode our mountain bikes in the forests and farms between the Selkirk and Interleithen. Only a couple of farm houses to be seen. 
I am not sure I would give up my spacious house with a garage and a large storage area for a flat and a shed, but I would appreciate the open space and no urban sprawl
Our City Council just approved a new Urban Growth Boundary. It was based on the idea that in Bend we need bigger lots and bigger homes. So once again we sacrifice the last open space we have with large trophy homes. I wonder if we will ever learn that there is a limited amount of space left on our planet. Maybe sheds are the answer. 


Li'l Ned said...

Nice selection of sheds. And I spotted yet another feature of UK gardens: the clothesline. Despite the rainy climate, it seems that everyone, in Scotland at least, hangs clothes outside to dry, as well as indoors. (Electric) clothes dryers seem to be rare. A hardy lot, the Scots!

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