Sunday, May 24, 2009


I did not pick the bike business it picked me. I went to school to be a forester (when I found out that meant cutting trees not saving them I changed majors). I did work for the Forest Service for 10 years, but in the end the bike business took me away. At the time it didn't appear to be a great career move. Bend was in a recession and bikes were not what they are today. But that was then now is now. 
I rode by Phil's trail head this morning and there were cars parked all the way to Skyliners Road. These were all mountain bikers. These are all people who make the bike business viable. I feel really blessed to be in a business that is holding its own during these tough times. I won't say we aren't feeling the downturn, but all in all Sunnyside is a very busy place every day. 
I don't feel smart or anything, as I said I didn't pick this business. I have bicycle disease. I love bicycles. This morning I watched the Giro live on the Internet, and then out for a solo mountain bike ride. Tons of people were  having fun on the trails. I remember when it just 12 of us riding mountain bikes. Thanks to all of those who share my passion, those at Sunnyside, those in other stores, customers and non customers, everyone. 
Like I said I feel blessed that I was chosen to be in this business.

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