Monday, September 21, 2009


We have had two riding days in France now. We are in Dordogne area of France enjoying the country roads and the food of France. My hat says it all. The roads over here are so perfect for bike riding one would think this is the capitol of cycling in the world (oh it is isn't it). On Sunday we were stopped in a some beautiful village there was a group of people our age standing in the plaza. One of them came up to us and started talking. They were having a class reunion and he just happened to be production manager for Mavic. That is how it is here in France.
Yesterday we went to the magical city built into the wall of Rocamodour. On the way home we went to this fortified mill. It turned out the road kept on going so we thought we would explore. The rest of the day was one of exploration. Muffy complained that one of the roads we were on was only twice as good as the roads back home. We had to find a smaller less traveled road then. We saw a walled city, a suspension bridge that looked like it was for bikes until we noticed it was a car coming across. Magic is what it like riding over here.
On a more serious note my friend Mary Ross, pictured on the top right had bike crash a couple of days ago in Portland. She will be OK but she is banged up pretty bad. She has been working in the downtown Bike Gallery. Go in and ask how she is doing. Send her good thoughts also. Take care.
Oh I forgot the other photo is of us Ritchey bike owners. They rock. As the airlines charge us more for bikes the Ritchey is the economical answer to a great travel bike. We are like a traveling ad.

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