Thursday, September 10, 2009


Though the photo is out of focus I am staying in focus for my next big race, probably my biggest race since 1988 when I won a silver medal at the NORBA World Championships in the 35+ category. On December 10th in Bend Oregon we will host the 2009 National Cyclo Cross Championships. I will to be ready. I have had a few top 10 finishes but I am going to improve on that and finish on the podium. For me to do that I am focusing on that day. I haven't started to race cross yet as I want to race more later in the year, I have only been on my cross bike a few times and am still riding my mountain bike on some fun epic rides so cycling stays low key for as long as possible this year. I have been very consistent with a weight and interval program this year so I will be ready to step it up in the next three months. I will be ready. Today is September 10 and it is three months to the big day. Staying focused, being healthy and having fun, this is what I will doing the next three months in order to be ready.
I am getting some help from Justin Wadsworth to fine tune my training, and from Rebound Physical Therapy with the use of their weights equipment. I appreciate all the help I have gotten and will get. It takes more than person to have a successful race and no one knows that more than me. Everyone at Sunnyside Sports has been encouraging me (and Damian, Mike and Jim) about the cross season. Of course Kathy is totally behind what I am doing, even if she keeps wondering if I am ever going to grow up.
I wanted to state all these desires in public so they become more real to me. It means a lot to me that you are reading this and all of your energy will help me achieve my goals.


Fox PDX said...

Can't wait to ride cross bikes with you Don! Hood river?

Li'l Ned said...

You are going to kick cute-ass butt at Nats